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This really touched me

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This sort if hurt reading

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Before I met him, I would dance in the shower. When he was in my life, I would think about showering with him. After he left, I would sit on the ground in the shower and cry. When I got over him, I showered so quickly there was no time for dancing, fantasies or tears. Someone can invade the smallest parts of your life, you won’t even realize it until you dance in the shower again and wonder why you ever stopped.


When it comes to love, don’t settle. Wait for the kind of love that lights your inner flame and brightens up the darkest part of you. Wait for the kind of love that awakes your soul and makes it dance. Wait for the kind of love that overwhelms you, the kind that forces you to drown in it. Wait for the kind of love that completely consumes you and brings tears of joy to your eyes. Wait for the kind of love you know that you can’t live without. It’s worth it.

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I’ve found that growing up means being honest. About what I want. What I need. What I feel. Who I am.

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3AM: the time to miss people who don’t miss you.
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